Why BattleMapp?

As lockdown hit we didn’t want our regular TTRPG to stop, so we moved online and needed a tool that was easy to use and quick on-the-fly.

BattleMapp includes:

– A clear and intuitive interface

– Easy to use tools, character tokens, dice roller and more!

– Sci-fi elements, monster tokens, large premade maps

… in an easily accessible platform running inside the browser.

See it in action:


Free version

Landscaping tools: build your own tile-based maps from the ground up using a selection of different tiles and objects to create plains, islands, buildings – the possibilities are limitless.

Random map generator: in a hurry? Quickly generate a simple battle map to get up and running with an encounter fast.

Plant tools: place trees, bushes, and grass objects into the scene for that extra natural look.

 Character tools: place characters, monsters, animal companions and tokens in the scene and label, move and remove them when needed.

Effect tools: place a multitude of fires, smoke, fog, magical effects and portals into the scene.

 Lights & props: Generate the perfect mood with our lighting tools and place a variety of props into the scene to bring your world to life.

More tools: a dice roller, dice pool, measuring tool, notepad and more tools every GM needs to run a game.

Premium version

Everything included in the free version

More generator options: add props, fires, clearings, enemies, buildings tot he battle map generator and more!

Expanded props: add more props, buildings and even ships to your scene.

 Get free topdown maps: delivered via Patreon, get HQ map packs delivered to your inbox on the regular.

Expanded effects: place more portals and elementals in your scene.

 and loads more!

Join Us

Patreon supporters are the lifeblood of this project. Each supporter moves us closer to a standalone, completed version 1.0 product. Want a preview? Check out the free version here