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BattleMapp is a way to create maps, encounters or play a full tabletop roleplaying game inside your very own virtual tabletop in the browser. Features include:
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Animated character models and tokens bring your player's characters to life.

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Build your map tile-by-tile or import a premade landscape and start playing.

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3D Dice rollers, measuring tools, square and hex grids for all types of games.

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Dungeons, towns, wilderness map generators create complex maps in seconds.

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Buildings, tents, campfires and many more props bring your maps to life.

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Switch from a 3D workspace to 2D topdown map view with one click.

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The web-browser version of BattleMapp is, and always will be, free to everyone. There are Patreon-supporter rewards in the forms of models & assets which are in place to give back to the community who have been so generous in supporting BattleMapp's development. These Patreon-suppoter features are NOT needed to enjoy BattleMapp. More and more free features and assets are being added every week.
The in-browser version of BattleMapp runs on WebGL technology and has been tested both on Windows and MacOS and is working on both. However, in-browsser WebGL technology is a fickle beast and some users have reported being unable to use BattleMapp. I am working hard to get BattleMapp working on as many machines as possible.
BattleMapp is a toolset for playing tabletop roleplaying games online. All the tools you need are free in BattleMapp. No Patreon-only rewards are needed to use BattleMapp for free. With this said, BattleMapp is a complex and expensive application to develop and funds need to be raised to take the product to the next level. Those generous people who are supporting the project deserve the extras, as our Patreon-supporters are the life-blood of this project.
BattleMapp is currently being developed by a solo indie developer (@BattleMapp on Twitter) on a part-time basis. This includes art, design, programming, web development, marketing & social media. BattleMapp does not make enough in donations to warrant a full-time developer, which is something we would like to implement in the future.
The plan has always been to reach a version 1.0 milestone which is a paid-for standalone application with all the bells & whistles you would expect: saving/loading of maps, undo/redo functions, lots of new models & assets, multiplayer/map-sharing functionality and more. Patreon supporters will receive this free. Each of these are being added in iterations, week by week, month by month, and you can see Battlemapp really taking shape over time. Remember, the first basic build of BattleMapp was launched in September 2020 and it has changed SO MUCH since. There's plenty more to come!
Feedback and constructive criticism is always welcome and can be delivered via the social media links below or by emailing

If you are feeling generous and would like access to the special Patreon-only rewards, you can sign up to our Patreon at

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Featuring a 3D/2D workspace

BattleMapp features an intuitive workspace and toolbar with a growing list of useful tools for running your game.

Switch between 3D/2D modes to get the perfect view of the battlefield, tokens and dice rolls.

Dynamic lighting, fog and shadows give you complete control over the look and feel of your map. Change sunlight direction and colour or remove it completely for those midnight encounters.

Animated character models and tokens

A variety of models, props, structures, tokens and characters.

The library is growing and has a good mix of medieval-like structures, furniture and props, low-poly-style characters and highly-detailed character models for when you want to capture that perfect shot of the battlefield.

You can change stances, animations, color-tint, 2D token illustrated avatars and more for each character you place on the map.


A Full Tabletop Toolkit

Roll your dice in 2D or 3D, use the measuring tool to determine distances or move your character and the measurement will display.

Write notes to keep track of the battlefield and inititive orders in the notepad.

Customise your map size, your square and hex grid size and colour or remove the grid completely.

Create Your World

BattleMapp comes with nature painting tools and world settings that allow you to create stunning worlds for your adventuring party to explore.

Add seasonal foliage, rocks, desert landscapes or frozen, winter terrain to immerse your players in their next encounter. Customise sunlight direction, intensity and color, fog effects and more to bring your world to life.


Make. Battles. Better.

Launch BattleMapp and start playing around with the tools, characters and effects. If you like it as much as we do, let us know! Now go ahead and ROLL FOR INITIATIVE!